Fluidmac manufactures Metallic tube assemblies for variety of applications as per client’s requirements. Fluidmac has required machineries to bend as well as flaring or wall forming as per customer needs. Tubes used are as per EN1035-1, EN1035-4 OR DIN 2391 ST37.4/ST52 grades or as per customer requirements. Fluidmac is also having TIG and MIG welding facility to fix the machined end fittings on to the tube ends. Our technical team has been working with various customers to develop highly customised tube assemblies in their production lines.

To achieve clean assemblies pre inspection of all bulk tubes is done for O.D. and I.D. rust or damage to shape, obstructions such as caps, metal chips or dust. All tubes are pre cleaned inside by passing Ultra clean Ceramic tipped Projectile. Tubes assemblies which have drilled holes or cut will be deburred. Corrosion Preventative oil applied by shooting a soft projectile soaked in rust preventer at the end of process.

Fluidmac will strive to deliver tube assemblies that are cleaned and protected as per our customer’s requirements. All tubes will be free of any dust or corrosion at the time of supply. Each tube will be capped & packed to ensure that the integrity of the tube O.D, I.D. and profile are not compromised. Fluidmac will also try to protect tubes from rusting by application of rust seal chemical and warranty tubes up to 30 days after shipment. It is always advised to use tubes early to avoid rust, dust and other problems.